Tuesday, May 21, 2013


With three of his most high-profile Senate appointees now sitting as “Independents” related to a financial scandal that keeps giving, the Prime Minister has told his caucus that the party needs to get back on message and put this episode behind them.

He says the entire issue has been a distraction and there are many more pressing issues that need to be on the public agenda.

The Conservative Caucus is meeting in Ottawa today. However a rebellion of sorts occurred when reporters – tired of getting the run around – dared ask some tough questions. The CONservative caucus begin clapping for the leader as staff scrambled to escort the transparency seeking fourth estate out of the room.

He announced that spending rules will be tightened and loopholes closed. The only loophole I have seen is called the appointment of crooks.

His former Chief of Staff’s ability to write a $90.000 cheque to satisfy investigators looking at Duffy’s cooked books was alarming enough, but I continue to me mystified by Duffy and co-fallen star CONservative Senator Pam  WAWA’s untimely sense of entitlement.

Up to their appointments for sleazy services rendered in destroying the reputation of Stephen Dion, this pair were two of the highest regarded reporters in Canada. They would have flayed any politician that played this loose and fast with expense accounts.

It is a sad and lonely way to finish a career. Perhaps it is proof that some in the media see politics as corrupt and jump on board, when invited, for the silver. On arrival they release the roads are not painted in gold, the salary is just not good enough for them, so they start looking for loopholes to access a little more.

Greed and poor appointments are at the root of this mess.

There are plenty of good, upright, honest politicians. It is a shame that many tar them all with the same brush.

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