Thursday, May 23, 2013


The Dunderdites might have managed to stick handle a short Spring session escaping the daily grilling of their lack of ethics, the 2013 budget and the crisis is healthcare. The break comes in the midst of the Spring polling period. A great dodge for the experienced government and poor planning by the opposition.

Allowing the House of Assembly  to close prior to the end in the same week as the start of the quarterly polling session is a tactical error by the opposition. While the house is open the opposition is guaranteed reports on all of the province's media. That access all but evaporates when the legislature is closed.

If the House was open today the opposition could be drilling former Bell Island Ferry Committee  chair turned government apologist David Brazil on the failure to offer the island an efficient ferry service.

If the House was open the government could be held to account for the intensifying health care provider crisis that is gripping the province. The St. Anthony Hospital surgeon crisis has put the provinces and Western Health Care Board's recruitment and retention process. Right on the tail of the situation in St. Anthony, the public has learned that it's only oral surgeons have resigned creating another crisis. Government face savers are spinning the refrain that they are doing everything they can to find replacements and emergencies will be referred out of the province for treatment.

The Dunderdale government is getting off the hook in the legislature on two more examples of incompetence in planning healthcare and transportation services in the provinces.

The fact that there was enough opportunities to push debate out on legislation throughout the session forcing the government to stay past the May 24 weekend is an example of a strategic, if not tactical error for the opposition.

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