Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Speaker of the House of Assembly should resign for his disgraceful partisanship which is an affront to the Westminster system of governance.

Ross Wiseman admitted today that he should not have forced NDP MHA Gerry Rogers out of the House of Assembly for refusing to apologize for statements made about the Premier on a Facebook group page she was listed as a member of.  Rogers was added as a member of the group by another individual without her consent.

Wiseman says he has had a week to investigate and think about his flawed ruling. He says he has “become aware of considerably more information regarding the complexities of social media.”

What a pile of crap! 

The pressure and criticism resulting from taking direction from his caucus mate, P.C. House Leader Darrin King has made a mockery of the legislature. 

The independence of the Speaker has been irrevocable damaged.   

If there was any doubt that the Dunderdale administration has slipped into Banana Republic territory, this is it.

The fact is that the boys thought they would have a little fun by embarrassing Rogers in the House of Assembly. The rouse backfired big time. 

The next day it was revealed by the CBC that the Premier herself was following a pornographic web service via her Twitter account. Dunderdale had not consented to this and was surprised to learn about it.  The account in question has been cancelled.

The partisan speaker should not be allowed to hide behind his feigned “ignorance” of Social Media as the basis of his apology. 

He had other options. 

He could have tabled the matter until a thorough review of similar rulings in other jurisdictions had been carried out. 

He could have ruled the Government House leader out of order. 

He could have realized the ridiculousness of forcing someone to apologize for something they did not say. Guilt by association is a perverse twist on natural justice. 

The nexus here, the root of the problem is that the Speaker acted in a partisan way. He did not simply rush to judgment. His sin is much greater. He put party and his party’s leader ahead of his oath to be impartial in the chair.  For that he needs to resign. Anything less is a farce!

Justice Minister Darrin King should resign as well. His theatrics of last week based on Rogers' association with a Facebook group was tantamount to character assassination. 

As Minister of Justice King is supposed to uphold the principle of Natural Justice. The right to a fair hearing without penalty was bypassed in an orchestrated rush to a flawed partisan objective. He should be replaced by someone who understands the law.

If Dunderdale wants to restore confidence in the legal and legislation system, she needs to cast this pair aside. 

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Doug said...

You are dead on with your comments! Ross Wiseman could have delayed his decision and ruling until he knew enough about social media to make a qualified ruling. He screwed up badly and allowed his partisan led decision to embarrass his posting of Speaker of the House. He should tender his resignation immediately.