Monday, April 22, 2013


Where does one draw the motivation to comment on social, economic or political matters when you feel as if you have no energy left to fight the system? 

The fiasco of the provincial budget culminating in the bizarre fiasco that led to the mind numbing expulsion of NDP MHA Gerry Rogers from the House of Assembly proves that we are being rule by a group of bullies. These bullies own the schoolyard by virtue of a huge democracy that has few, if any, checks and balances to their ongoing abuse of power.

There are, or perhaps were, a few bright lights on the government side.  Those lights have been extinguished by party discipline, bind obedience and a pavlonian reward system. 

While government rides roughshod over our democracy, people grumble that Dunderdale will never be re-elected.  Special interests continue to call the open lines, write letters to the editors and raise concerns. The opposition parties continue to question the government but have little influence on the entrenched smug arrogance of the zombies on the other side. Where is our idealism? Why settle for mediocracy?

The really sad thing is that as a people, and as a province, we have never had the opportunities that we currently have. We have never had more capable and brighter individuals in our society to lead us. Where are the leaders? Why are we stuck with a leader without a university degree or the business experience to operate a road side bakeapple stand? Where are the visionaries? Where is that passionate person who can make the hairs of our necks stand-up?

Instead, we are saddled with an angry, uninspiring  premier surrounded by her perilous acolytes.

Thank god for those in the media and in the blogosphere who keep the record straight and refuse to kowtow.

American President Dwight Eisenhower said “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog”

Surely there are those amongst us that are prepared for some shared-risk taking, that are committed to working for change. We cannot accept the current situation as inevitable or unsolvable. 

After all, don’t we deserve a government that treats voters fairly and equitably?

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