Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We are pretty big Apple fans. In fact, I have no trouble waxing polemic about the brand.

There are several  iPads, IPods, two desktops, a Mac Book Air and two iPhones utilized in the Whittle home. With the exception of perhaps two incidents over the pas ten years, my Apple Hardware & software has performed with uncanny reliability, 

My experience with Windows PC has not nearly been as good. Driver issues, failed hard drives, incompatible upgrades security issues, start-up delays, failed power supplies and the list goes on.  I have had Toshiba’s, HP’s, Acers, Dell’s, Allienware and other brands. The problems and customer service always left me frustrated.

Since going  Mac, I have never looked back. That is not to say that I do not use a lot of Window’s applications. In fact the most reliable Windows’ machine I have ever used is my Mac.

I have run Windows XP, 7 and 8 through Parallels and Bootcamp with great success and reliability. They operating systems work fantastic in native mode or simultaneously with my version of OS X.

In fact, I often said to friends, why buy a DOS Box when you can purchase a Mac that will run your Windows applications reliability without that dreaded blue screen of death.

Soluto released  a new report today that confirms my belief that the best Window’s PC is a Mac.

They compared a 49 brands of PC makers and data from millions of PC’s before determining that Apple leads the pack.

Take a bite out of that.

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