Thursday, April 4, 2013


I got back to find lots of exiting reaction to Budget 2012.

Typical regurgitated condescending bullshit from this arrogant government about taking a wait and see approach while professionals in health care, justice, tourism, environment, fisheries and education point out the serious implications of this cut and slush budget.

The Cabinet demanded the senior public servants find reductions, than they asked for more and finally the Ministers took the bull by the horns and imposed their own. The result, from all most all sectors, a real clusterfuck!

No political staffers were cut, they are way to busy and vital. Instead of reinstating personal income taxes and the GST to pre-windfall levels, they decided to clean-up their mess by cutting a little here, and there in the hopes that would work. The approach is sort of like pulling on a loose thread on a sweater. You keep pulling and it all unravels.

Now the unraveling has begun, and like the financial crisis, the Progressive Conservatives have no one to blame but themselves.

Their credibility is shot.  

Their choices, their mess.

Our Pain!

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Anonymous said...

Peter. I believe the budget was necessary and perhaps the cuts were not deep enough. Do I blame dunderdale? She should have started the process last year, but we as a province have to face the truth.... Williams was a terrible manager of the provinces finances. There are no surprises for those who bothered to look... The budget will mark the end of the love affair this electorate had with Danny. He clearly left the job with the province in worse shape than when he got it. It is funny as I have had heard several open line callers in the past 2 weeks call in to talk about what a great job grimes did..., it is the political cycle.