Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The city fire department was quick to respond to a fire behind Pickmore Place and Rutledge Cresent yesterday evening.

Allegedly, a group of teens had "accidentally" set the grass on fire creating quite a bit of excitement and concern.

Dozens of homes border the undeveloped green space that was designated by the city as a recreation area 40 years ago. 

The proposed park was never developed, nature moved in and a dense wooded area occupies the field. It has been a drinking and party spot for generations of local teens. A couple of times a year, particularly as the weather improves, a throng on teens will gather there. Someone calls the police and the problem goes away..for a while.

The forest also provides great cover for malcontents to hideout and break into homes along the perimeter. At least three homes on this street backing on the field have been robbed.

The grass fire was a reminder of the danger that the field presents to the safety and well being of area residents, let a lone the peaceful enjoyment of their properties.

I’d like to see the city thin out the trees to provide less cover for the teens that like to hangout there and drink before a serious fire occurs and homes are lost.

I guess it is time to start phoning the Ward and At-Large councilors to discuss the problem. It is a great evening to collect names on a petition.

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