Friday, April 26, 2013


Ryan Steves may not have been a household name before but thousands of people across this province know who he is today.

The former House of Assembly Page, Memorial University student, Youth Parliamentarian and world class debater has taken his dismissal to the court of public opinion.

The Speaker canned him after he requested three days leave to represent the province at a G-G20 Youth Parliament. The earnest intellectual provided a month’s notice, had worked out a schedule with the other pages to ensure his shifts were covered. 

Instead of giving his request consideration, the Speaker’s Office emailed him back telling him that they considered the written request for time off a letter of resignation?

Give me a break. The young man is an up and coming intellectual., an individual that is going to add so much to this province in the future. What does the government do, they read him the riot act !

It is not like he was looking for permission to skip of to Toronto for a three-day poker tournament or came to work stoned of his mind. This is a responsible kid.  A political junkie that lives and breathes debate and parliamentary procedure.

For all that is holy, the fact that a Page from our House of Assembly was selected to participate at the G-20 Youth Parliament in Moscow is quite the accomplishment. 

The consensus seems to be that it is pretty dam stupid , not to mention mean, to fire him for requesting leave. Fair or not, the government is getting a black-eye for this shortsighted asinine decision. 

One would think the immediate reaction would have been congratulations and how can we make this work for you!

What a farce from the on-going chronicles of the House of Confusion.

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