Thursday, April 25, 2013


Those Russians!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is putting an interesting spin on how the Western media reports terrorist attacks in his country verses domestic terrorism on American soil.

In his annual question and answer session today he said there is a double standard at play, "I was always appalled when our Western partners and the Western media called the terrorist who did bloody crimes in our country 'insurgents,' and almost never 'terrorists."

His says the Boston Marathon Bombers have lent legitimacy to his countries crackdown on domestic terrorism and extremists. He said he was amused by the discussion in America on how to classify the Tsarnaev brothers - Extremists, terrorists, enemy combatants or prisoners of war. "What kind of POW is he? Do they fight the Civil War between the North and South again?"

Perhaps America should but it's domestic bombers fate in Putin's hands.

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