Thursday, April 25, 2013


When customer service is good it is fantastic, when it is bad it can be super frustrating.

As a bit of a tech geek, I find myself depending on customer service for technical stuff all the time. My experiences run the gauntlet from maddening to incredible. For the most part the experience is mediocre. The reason, companies have been farming out customer & technical services to  part-time, minimum wage, less “invested” sales associates. The result is often customer service representatives that know even less than you do.

I have worked in customer service, in some way or another, for twenty five years. Developed and cultivated relationships on the phone, in person, through e-mail and snail mail. I have delivered customer service training and completed many courses.

Today, I experienced the best quality customer service from a tech company that I have ever experienced.

For a while now I have been frustrated by lock-ups, or slow processing of night shots with my Pentax K-5. I have been using Pentax cameras since journalism school. This is my 6th Pentax camera, my third SLR.  I love the way that the K-5 is designed, I like the new ISO range, the live view, the weather design frame, video and the fact that  that it is so backwards-compatible.

After taking out another K-5 for a test run and encountering the same issue, I knew the problem was with this photographer.

Earlier today,  I emailed the contact department at Pentax Richoh Canada explaining the challenges I was facing. The manual did not address the issue, nor did any of the on-line forums. Ten minutes ago I received a call from Don/Dan at Pentax. We talked about night shooting, time delays and digital processing of dark screens.

He fetched his K-5, took me through some settings, pointed out a couple of advanced features and solved my problem. We talked about the camera and our mutual love of photography. It was the best, non face-to face customer service that I have ever received. In a world where emails and texts have replaced more intimate forms of communications, I was simply blown away.

Up to this point, my loyalty to Pentax has been driven by great products and utilizing my Pentax lens collection. Support for Pentax on the ground in St. John's has always been weak. Nikon and Canon have much better sales here.

I can honestly say that my loyalty to the brand just grew ten fold.

Great job Pentax.

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