Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A new national poll from Leger Marketing is showing  the Liberal Party of Canada’s fortunes are changing.  The poll shows the party, with or without presumed leader in waiting Justin Trudeau, is just a percentage point behind the Harper CONservatives.

The poll gives the CONservatives 31%, the Liberals 30 % and the NDP 24%. The Greens have 7%.

This is the worst showing in the polls for the Official Opposition NDP in three years, who dropped 11 points in Quebec since Léger's December poll.

When you throw a united Liberal Party under Trudeau into the mix the numbers are even better for the Liberals. Voting intentions with Trudeau at the helm break down like this: Liberals 37%, CONservatives 30% and the NDP at 20%.

Some may argue that the poll shows once again that a divided center left will continue to give the Harper CONservatives the split they need to win elections.  While I would prefer a merger of the NDP and the Liberals, or at least cooperative approach to the 2015 campaign, that will be less likely if the Liberals continue to surge.

Is this poll a precursor of things to come? With a couple of years remaining until the next election, much remains to be seen. What is clear to me is that Canadian’s are looking for change. Will Trudeau become Canada’s Obama? After years of CONservative abuse are Canadians willing to vote for hope?

The poll is sure to be a boost for Liberal’s in Labrador who are intent on winning back the seat which was stolen from them by the cheating Conservatives in the 2011 election. Candidate Yvonne Jones is well known in the riding and will be delighted with the hint of a potential Liberal government in 2015.

It makes for tantalizing bait in the by-election.

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