Thursday, April 4, 2013


No surprises in the first poll of the pre-Labrador Federal By-election period. 

The numbers in yesterday’s Forum Research Poll back up the common consensus that the election is the Liberals to loose, with the NDP and the Conservatives trailing way behind.

The Globe and Mail sponsored poll of voting intentions gave Yvonne Jones 57 per cent of the decided vote. The NDP have 21% and Peter the Cheater garnered a lowly 20 per cent.

Conservative polling must be showing the same thing. They cannot be too excited about dropping the writ under these circumstances. Peter is out of gas, Goose Bay is going to abandon him leaving him high and dry.

I still think the NDP could be the sleeper in this campaign, placing well ahead of the disgraced Peter the Cheater. However, the national polls and the meteoric ascendency of soon Justin Trudeau should ensure that Liberal Yvonne Jones becomes the next Member of Parliament for Labrador.

While Labrador elections are typically local affairs, divided for the most part into four distinct regions, this election is going to be portrayed as a litmus test for Trudeau’s leadership, the NDP’s legitimacy as the official opposition and the public’s frustration with CONservative political manipulation.

The national media are all over this by-election, the unanswered question: how much of a factor are national issues for Labrador voters?

There is something in this by-election to keep every pundit, politico, commentator and party hack spinning for months.

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