Thursday, April 25, 2013


Well, at long last, the last of my Christmas books arrived today!

Kristine had ordered JC Roy's Fluctuat Nec Mergitur for me back in late November. It never arrived in time for Christmas.

Every month Chapter's on-line updated us on it's availability. Every month I saw copies at the store. At one point I asked if they could just give me a copy from the store for the on-line price. Considering the size of the book, they would save the shipping costs.

No can do, if I canceled my order, I could just pick one up at the store. The catch, the store copy was $15 bucks more!

I was in no rush, so I waited it out. I am still not sure of the economics of mailing it.

Five months to the day of the initial order, the magnificent collection of original paintings of hundreds of communities from Newfoundland and Labrador arrived. His lively depictions of our landscapes arouses an emotional sense of place.

If you have not seen this nearly 500 page Breakwater Publication, seek it out. There are few straight lines in Roy's painting. He says there are "fewer than you think in real life"

The images in this book span over 30 years of Roy's painting Newfoundland communities, some of which no longer exist. He says Labrador is not forgotten, it deserves a different approach.

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur is Latin, it means "It floats and doesn't sink"

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