Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The idea of shucking out $150 + to hear a 78 year old poet singer  at Mile One might seem a little outlandish but when that singer is the legendary Leonard Cohen, it was money well spent.

I had not planned to take in the concert but my brother generously provided my 13-year-old Aidan and I with some great floor tickets on Saturday. We were about 13 rows from the front with a great view of the legend and his band. He practically ran on to the stage, elegantly dressed in a suit, of course, and his trademark hat.

Aidan loves Hallelujah and he was not disappointed. It has covered by scores of artists. This was Aidan’s chance to hear from the source.  Aiden reminded me after that the song is not about God or religion: it's about love. His voice is not what it was, however he mesmerized the audience, seduced the women.

Frankly, when I was 13 or 23, for that matter, Cohen was not on my radar. In fact, I knew very little about the music legend. His music was not introduced to me until the early 1990’s. I was renting a house on the Southside with a wicked attic.   One of my roommates loved Cohen. Vanessa and I would spend hours lying on the lush green carpet listening to Cohen, and Cohen covers, in that attic.  Listening to him was /is emotional, uplifting and a spiritual experience.

The concert went on from 8:00 until just after 12.  Aidan was thrilled by the poetry, the voice and the attentiveness of the fans who where captivated by the music. Cohen, an ordained Budhest monk, spend about a fourth of the performance ion his knees, which could not have been easy for a man of his age.  He humby made light of the cost of the tickets and promised a performance to remember.

He delivered and than gave fans a couple of encores.

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Unknown said...

It was a great show, but I expected nothing less!