Monday, April 1, 2013


"We’ve already lost one impaired driving case.
 It got dismissed because nobody was
 there to prosecute it.”

I know first hand just how difficult it is going to be for those left behind to provide front line services to the public in the wake of last weeks cuts.

The avalanche of bumps will paralyze government for months - if not years to come. An in-depth, line by line review of the estimates discloses the depth of the gutting that has occurred. Agendas and scores have been settled. A quick glance at who and what has been cut in the tiny department of the Environment will give you proof that an ideological score has been settled.

Now I am not saying that the civil service was not bloated, I am saying the choices made may not have been the best that could have been made.

One of the fundamental jobs of government is to provide for our safety through a Justice System that is fair. The provision of security through a professional police force and an impartial court system is the corner stone of any democracy. Your government has cut the courts, crown prosecutors, the sheriffs office, the Legal Aid Commission, probation offices, youth corrections and administrative positions.

This government does not seem to think that the hard work of the police forces is worth the court costs of prosecution. It has slashed overworked government prosecutors  and refused to fill vacancies. That means where this time last year there was 25, the province currently only has 16 - or rather 15,

15 because the overworked survivors are quitting. The Telegram reported on the weekend that at least one Crown prosecutor has quit over the cuts. Easy solution I suppose, the minister can just farm the work out to some of those firms that donated to the P.C party over the years.

More proof that this government in in league to reward it's friends.  

Criminals are going free because of restraint while this government hides hundreds of millions of our tax dollars for clandestine activities that it will not tell us about.

The Dunderdale Administration is all about disaster capitalism.

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