Wednesday, April 24, 2013


According to CBC On-The-Go Host Ted Blades, Premier Dunderdale is not going to apologize for the erroneous Facebook Flap and Darrin King is staying put as Justice Minister.
End of story...nothing to see here folks.

So they say, but unlike the members of the House of Assembly who must live under the tyranny of a biased speaker, I will continue to discuss the issue.   

The contempt to which this government holds the House of Assembly, natural justice, parliamentary procedure and the opposition is staggering. 

For the second, or third time, in as many years, the government has been compared by outside parliamentary watchdogs to democratically challenged third world governments.  A proud accomplishment to be sure.

Today I witnessed a bit of that from both the premier and one of her cabinet ministers. 

The premier, in an angry response to questions from NDP Leader Lorraine Micheal about the failing state of rural economies in most of the province, got all personal about Micheal’s past residency outside Newfoundland.  She leads by example, this hot headed premier of ours. A few minutes later she stated:

‘Mr. Speaker, one has to suffer quite a bit sometimes to do the job that is required of us in public service, but the kind of disrespect that is again being shown by the NDP through duly elected people and representatives of the people here in this Province, Mr. Speaker, is unacceptable; absolutely unacceptable, Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Speaker, one wonders these days if we are not operating in the twilight zone. It certainly feels that way, as far as the Opposition parties are concerned.”
If that is not the pot calling the kettle black, a pure unedited depiction of the type of hypocrisy exercised by this premier, than I do not know what is.

Than in a show of more contempt for the opposition, a government Minister called the NDP MHA for St. John’s Centre simple.

A few more bleacher creatures chimed in with simple Simon.

It was very audible to anyone in the gallery but when the NDP House Leader rose on a Point of Order regarding unparliamentary language the Government’s Deputy House Leader said he never heard it. 

The Speaker took the point oforder under consideration and will rule on it at another time. Here is where the Speakers partisanship comes into play, once again. 

I would argue that it would have been impossible for him not to have the unparliamentary language. Why was Gerry Roger’s thrown out of the House last week, instead of the Speaker taking some serious time to take the Facebook issue under some real consideration instead of making an erroneous rush to judgment?
The answer is that this Speaker cares not for fairness. He is as partisan as the bleacher creatures that inhabit the back row of the government benches

The government has corrupted the Westminster tradition through contempt, hypocrisy and arrogance. 

Honorable indeed!

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