Thursday, April 25, 2013


Russian President Putin is not the only world leader playing politics with the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Canadian Prime Minister is Stephen Harper is taking advantage of the dark event to try and score some cheap political points against new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.  

The CONservatives are desperate to deflate the populist Trudeau’s sustained climb in the polls.

The Prime Minister and his sycophants in the right wing media have gone bilingual in their attempt to paint Justin as a lightweight on terrorism and foreign affairs. Harper told reporters today that ““This is not a time to commit sociology, if I can use an expression,”

The CONservatives are throwing their considerable financial resources and public resources into a campaign to discredit and define Trudeau as they have with the past three Liberal leaders. 

It is a gambit that has paid-off in the past but I think Canadian’s are done with the CONservative’s mean spirited parlor tricks. This approach only fuels the outrage of Canadians towards a corrupt government that has imposed an un-Canadian right-wing agenda on the nation despite having less than 30% of the country’s support.

Sure those guilty of committing or planning heinous crimes need to be found and punished. That is an imperative but we cannot allow the terrorist to win by making us paranoid to the point of paralysis. We cannot give in to blind rage and vengeance that leads to big brother powers and fuels more discontent and rage against the machine. Domestic terrorism is all about root causes. 

What is it that we are not offering our youth and our society that causes some Canadian’s to radicalized?  What is at the root of this rage? What can we do to solve this emerging problem?

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