Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Despite the health concerns, I still enjoy the occasional Sunday dinner laden with salt beef/riblets, peas pudding, greens, cabbage, potatoes turnip and Figgy duff.

A staple for most of my life,  we have cut back considerably on the salf beef. It just does not seem like Sunday without a Jigg's or cooked dinner.

Originally developed as a way to preserve meat for extended storage, salt beef's flavor and texture have granted the high-protein dish a broad popularity in our province. Salt Beef e comes with a health penalty, as it possesses high amounts of fat, cholesterol and sodium.

My mom is a Mainlander, a genuine CFA. She had to learn to cook traditional fare. She tells the story of cooking all the vegetables and the salt beef separately in their own pots until my aunt showed her that we throw it all in the one pot and boil it together. More often than not, we had a Moose roast with our Sunday meal.

Tis no wonder my pop died from"hardening of the arteries". He was like the savage for a feed of fried scunchions and onions. For good measure he would cut home made bread into thin slices and throw it in the an to soak up that yummy grease!

This past Sunday we were invited over to Joe and Tammy's for Sundya Dinner. What a feed! Turkey and all of the fixings, including a bucket of salt riblets.  What a meal.

While salt beef is not a healthy dish, there are ways to lower the levels of fat and sodium in a serving. We buy leaner cuts, trim the fat and the brisket. We also cook a lot less of it than we have in the past.

Their kids are not as fond of the boiled dinner as mine. Still Tammy cooks a huge feed. The left-overs went home with me making for a great feed of couldnt's for my supper last night. Hash made from the leftovers from a jig's dinner with a side of mustard pickles is priceless. Ever know and than one bites into a strand of salt beef enhancing the experience.

All in moderation, I guess.  Corned beef's enjoyable taste, however, generally comes with a health penalty, as typical cuts include high amounts of fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Pass the water please!

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