Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The chess pieces are all in place for the vindication by-election in Labrador. There is something new, something used and a Peter the cheater.

All three national parties have got their candidates in place. Yvonne Jones, the former Leader of the provincial Liberal Party and veteran Labrador MHA will represent the Grits. No doubt she is the person to beat. I expect she will run an incumbent style campaign. 14 years of representing Labrador issues in the provincial legislature gives her quite an advantage in a district that has vote Liberal all but two times since 1949.

She is a very skilled politician with a very well established network in Labrador. With 14 years of dedication to her career comes a few burned bridges. It will be interesting to watch this campaign play out. Jones is a take no prisoners candidate.

The NDP have selected a bright new face from a highly respected family in Goose Bay.  While Harry Borlase has not been voicing Labrador issues in the legislature, he is no slouch when it comes to the economic challenges and opportunities facing northern regions.

He was raised in Nain before settling in Happy Valley – Goose Bay. His entire student and working career focused on northern issues. His infectious enthusiasm, intelligence  and pride for the Big Land make him upset material.

He is offering Change You Can Trust. 

The Conservatives are playing the pity card. Peter the Cheater wants vindication and he is banking on Labrador wanting a member on the government team - at any cost.

In a campaign where the total voting population is just over 20,000,  local politics will play a huge role in voter turnout

Trust and motives will play a huge role in the outcome.

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