Wednesday, March 27, 2013


A major let down for the Stephenville area.

Local MHA and Cabinet Minister Joan Shea has failed to save the area's  recreational hub.

As of tomorrow, the West Coast Training Centre will close its doors.

The surprise news was contained in the 2013 Budget. Area residents are in shock. There was no consultation or discussions with staff of the community.

The facility is home to many sporting an exercise activities including Martial Arts, Special Olympic training and special programs for seniors.

Over the years, I  worked diligently with my former boss, Kevin Aylward to enhance the facility. As a cabinet minister, Kevin fought a succession of recommendations over tough budgets in the cash strapped 1990's to keep the facility from closing.  It was a deal breaker for Kevin. If Shea still had an ounce of commitment to the community she supposedly serves, she would never have offered up this vital recreational facility.

Shea might have won the election in 2011, but the legacy of the College Headquarters, The Provincial Library Board, enhanced water, sewer, road infrastructure, the hospital the stadium, library and the modern pool are all Liberal doings.

With two local MHA's on the government side, you can bet that this is a done deal. They will not be presenting petitions on behalf of the seniors, youth, judo clubs or the special Olympics users. The closure would not have been green lighted without the agreement of Shea.

The closure is a shameful example of an uncaring ineffective member that puts her loyalty to the Premier before the interest of her home community.

Great to have your member on the government side, but you need your government members to be willing to put on the line sometimes.

With friends like these in government, who needs enemies.


Anonymous said...

How long will it take for the government to haul down the WCTC like they did with the mill.

Anonymous said...

Not on their watch... The WCTC will be there to rot. Stephenville is such a beautiful town. However, it's economic viability is now more dependent upon the happenings of Fort Mc. Murray than in it's native province. It is a town that in 50 years will be nearly non-existant. From my graduating class of 1992 (50 people) there are less than 2 people who remain in Stephenville. And this is a supposed growth center? The uestion must be asked "Who will be buying all this muskrat falls power in 30 years"? It is time for Shea, and all the other MHA's who support muskrat falls to acknowledge the obvious. They are spending 8 Billion to develop a product that no one will buy. The PC's, and Danny Williams in particular, will go down as the most irresponsible government this province has ever seen. Their card house, held up by popularity, is about to fall in a mythical fashion. But MF will become the calling card of their failure. A Decade of Missed opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I'll go further...
I'll put $50 on it that it gets sold to private interests...that being a tory hack...or a friend of their corporate family. Watch this one!

Anonymous said...

What donor will pick up the building for $1 and turn it into a private gym.