Thursday, March 21, 2013


Just a few weeks ago the media, pundits, bloggers and the opposition were admonishing the Progressive Conservatives for using government resources for partisan activities.

I thought that the deliberate manipulation of public opinion surveys, letters to the editor sections of newspapers and public talk shows was scandalous. 

I also thought the official opposition was fairly hypocritical in their criticism as they have practiced the same behavior, both in government and in the opposition.

I can still see the MHAs, and staff, cookies disabled on   Internet Explorer, with a bingo sheet of four VOCM Question of the day on computer screens,  furiously clicking away. Yea, hundreds of thousands of dollars of public salaries engaged in swaying polls that meant nothing.

Only the upright political virgins over in the office of the third party had any credibility on the issue. They would never use public dollars for partisan activities. The leader was aghast at the very thought of it!

So, I wonder, why it is that the Official Opposition can be used as ground zero for the very partisan bid of one of the six member’s bid for the Liberal Nomination in the soon to be called Federal nomination in Labrador?

Should the taxpayers of the province be on the hook for an individuals political ambition? I don’t think so. 

The member should resign, or at the very least, take a leave of absence from her House of Assembly pay, cell phones, resources and expense account until the nomination is called.

That would be the honorable and responsible thing to do

The leader should insist on it. Of course that would mean having a leader with a backbone who is willing to tackle the glaring challenges to the party's credibility.

It seems more than ironic that in the lead up to a by-election necessitated by Peter the Cheater’s rule breaking that this obvious hypocritical use of  government resources is considered acceptable. 

Is it any wonder why the public hold politicians in such disdain?

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