Thursday, March 28, 2013


Businessman and former city councilor Ron Ellsworth has announced his intentions to return to city hall.

The philanthropist and community activist is seeking the deputy mayor’s chair. He had been deputy mayor prior to the 2009 municipal election. He ran unsuccessfully for mayor against Dennis O’Keefe.

This sets up another interesting campaign for Ellsworth who is counting on his record of straight talk, dedication to the community and business acumen to propel him back to the council.

Ellsworth is a fantastic guy. He has tireless energy and a passion that is contagious. He calls it as he sees it and has no trouble looking under the rocks.

Deputy Mayor, former MHA, cultural & heritage advocate Shannie Duff  has said that she will seek re-election but has not officially announced. Duff is a fixture on council who has always been elected with a healthy majority.  

I hope that Ellsworth’s announcement is a precursor to Duff’s retirement.  She has given the city so much but this may be the time to hang-up the skate. A common response to Duff's continuation has been isn't it time for her to retire? With Ellsworth in the race, people are likely to answer that question on election day.

It is Ellsworth and O’Leary for me in 2013.

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