Saturday, March 23, 2013


Resolved: The Liberal Party has no future in Canadian politics

Tonight CPAC will broadcast a debate that Canadians, in particular Liberals, should tune into.

On Thursday evening, Historian Michael Bliss and John Duffy, former political advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Interim Leader Bob Rae, debated the future of the Liberal Party

The pair hashed out the the party's future, relevance,  successes, defeats and role in Canadian Politics. Many Liberals believe that Justin Trudeau is the white knight, the one that will restore balance and ensure a Liberal Party revival.

How poisoned is the Liberal Chalice?  Do Liberals need to follow the path followed by Harper when  he helped to unite the right into one successful voting block? Can a charismatic leader breathe new life into a party that may have lost it's holding ground?

These questions are important to consider as a divided left/center has permitted a united right to rule with 35% support. This division has allowed Stephen Harper to to re-engineer our country into an un-Canadian reflection of the Conservative  Parties corrupt ideology.

I hope that Trudeau can bring forth a spirit of compromise that unites the 65% of Canadians who do not support the regressive Harperites. That in this new spirit of compromise, a new party can be born that will put the good of the country ahead of partisan politics. A progressive party that can defeat the Conservatives and provide the nation with the type of government they want.

The debate will be broadcast at 10 am ET and Sunday, March 24 at 6 pm ET.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, Peter.

My concern is that the Liberals will go back to the same old politics of the past...if they defeat Harper!

Trudeau certainly has appeal despite what some like to think but my concern is that the LPC will forget all about much-needed reform in their zeal to seize power.

There are some excellent candidates running against Trudeau and some of their would be strong Cabinet material. Would Trudeau be enough of a statesman to allow these people, and others, help shape a better future, free of some of the obscene partisanship that has characterized Harper's regime?

Let us fervently hope so! The stench of Harperism is just getting to be too much! Defeating Penashue would be a good first step.

Anonymous said...

JUSTIN. Will be the JUST in our Just Society. Ya ever wonder the origin of his name... kinda like the godfather part 2 but...different of course... but all good theater. ?..maybe.

?...allowing individuals to live their lives as long as they didn't infringe on the rights to others, to the idea that the resources of society should be distributed to all, including those most deserving first. My kind of Canada.