Monday, March 25, 2013


" So here's a briefing note, Pundits' Guide-style, on the law, 
on how to read his financial returns, and a little
 on what may come next."

The Pundit's Guide To Canadian Elections


Much about the Peter Penashue Affair smells rotten.

Frankly, it is hard to understand how the man has the gall to stand for re-election when it is increasingly evident that his campaign broke the law. Intentionally or not, his campaign flouted the electoral laws and in the process gave him an incredible advantage over incumbent Todd Russell, who played by the rules.

At this point the Prime Minister does not seem to care. He and his party have laid their hands on the former Intergovernmental Affairs Minister as if he has done nothing wrong. They chime that Peter the Cheater was the best member of Parliament Labrador ever had. They say this province needs a person at the cabinet table and Peter the Cheater is the best man for the job. They also say that poor old Peter the Cheater is a victim, he meant no harm. He was let down by the inexperienced campaign volunteers.

Peter the Cheater is a spent force in Labrador politics. A handful of sycophants will assist the campaign in the hopes that the Conservative gravy train will roll on. However, Penashue's shameful performance over the past year has diminished his status. With nearly double the resources of Todd Russell he only squeaked out a tight 79 vote win. This time will be much different.

The best examination of the electoral law in question, and the most likely remedy to be enforced on Penashue,  can be found at the Pundits's Guide to Canadian Elections.  

As well, the weekend edition of The Telegram offered some fantastic opinions on the affair. Many Newfoundland and Labrador readers will have read them all ready, but for others please check out these informative articles by Michaell Johanson, Bob Wakeham and Pam Frampton.

If Harper had ANY ethics, he would have called an open nomination for his party after committing to not signing Peter the Cheater's nomination papers.


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