Sunday, March 31, 2013


It would appear that if groups make enough noise, the government might be prepared to back down on some of the budget cuts they recently announced.

Okay, perhaps that is not quite accurate. If groups can influence the right minister, they might be able to embarrass them into action.

At a time when the government is right sizing the mess that they, and only they, created over the past six years of their unrestrained spending orgy there is still "political" room for change.  The government that is so committed to living within it's means can still be persuaded to recant cuts in districts represented by the insiders at the cabinet table.

Take for example, Stephenville MHA Joan Shea's quick response to opposition in Stephenville to the closing of the West Coast Training Centre. A few digs here, a protest there and suddenly a reprieve. That is citizen engagement!

Of course the reprieve has nothing to with the needs of seniors, youth, the disabled or other groups that use the facility. It is a face-saving measure for one of Kathy Dunderdale's closest political advisers. 

This gang is no more committed to economic reform today than they were five years ago. They are committed to patronage, nepotism, reactionary policy and old fashioned machine politics.  With a hundred million dollar slush fund (not counting the millions of dollars conveniently hidden under professional services and contracts)  that they government will not disclose the purpose of.

They will only follow Wade Locke's plan as long as they can find ways to pork barrel those who continue to feed the party's coffers. Look at the donation lists over the past ten years. Get an honest feel for how politics in this province works.

Stop being taken for granted, it is important to show the government and the opposition that we still have some fight in us. That we are proud and determined. Perhaps it is time to be a little more radical and adopt the approach taken in Greece, France and other parts of Europe where corrupt administrations have been called out on the choices made on the alter of economic reform. Choices that protect the connected, the powerful and the rich.

My suggestion. Rally, fight and kick up a fuss!  

It worked in Stephenville it might just work elsewhere.

This government can be forced to adopt an approach that reflects the consensus of the majority and still reign in it's spending. 

After all it is all about choices?

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