Sunday, March 31, 2013


Kids. They do and say the darnedest things!

The latest little story from the annals of my boys cracks me up. Perhaps I should be worried, but it is something that I would have done.

Aidan, our oldest, treated Kris to Tim Horton's on Friday.  He used his card to cover the expenses. Happy Easter Mom!

Turns out he was being very generous all right, but it was not his card!

Some of the children in Kristine's class gave her a few Tim Horton gift cards as an Easter presents.

It seems Aidan commandeered one of the cards out of one of the gift bags, and treated Kristine to a coffee!

Last evening Kristine caught onto the little slight of hand.

His reply when caught, "Mom, you had to know, if it was my card we would never have gone out!"

In my day, there was no Tim's or gift cards.

There was the bill, a credit at the local shop.

Mom would send us to the shop to pick up bread, milk and the like. Sometime we would have a list, some times not. We never carried cash, we simply put the purchase on the bill. From time to time we might add a package of cookies or a few bars which never made their way to mom's kitchen. The little add on were small enough to fly under the radar.

That said, I don't think I ever charged an Easter present for mom.

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Nancy Crozier said...

My brother once sent our mother a lovely bouquet of flowers for her birthday. Charged to her own credit card.