Monday, February 4, 2013


I am unashamedly a gamer.

I love boardgames for the social interaction and the experience. 

I can be competitive but for the most part the joy of having a few drinks, some nice eats and good company make the gaming experience for me.

This past few months, gaming has really taken a second seat to many other extra-circular activities.  The folks that we gamed with the most have found other recreational priorities. Gaming has always filled a void. One gets to meet new people, hang out with fun people, try new foods & spirits and there was rarely  need a baby sitter. 

I have to work a little better on my relationships. Friendships take a lot of maintenance and time.  Frankly at this stage of our lives, Kris and I seem like ships passing in the night. I have never been much of a networker.

Despite the lull in gaming, a few new games have come my way. Santa Kris gave me the latest Ticket to Ride Map -  the The Heart of Africa.  Additionally, I received the mufti-award winning 7 Wonders.  I am not huge on card games but have slowly become a convert. Dominion, Gloom and  Ticket To Ride are amongst my favorite games. 

7 Wonders has been creating a lot of buzz. Seven people can play and a game takes about 30 minutes. You play  one of the great cities of antiquity. Every city has e the ability to build one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  Players gain points by constructing  structures, scientific discoveries, and military victories. The gamer with the most points at the conclusion of the game wins. 

I have not even torn the wrapping off the game. I am dying to try it. So far I have been relegated to watching You-Tube videos and learning the rules.

If you like gaming, or think you might want to try it, drop me a line!

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