Saturday, February 2, 2013


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Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!! Paddy Daley is exasperating! I don't know if I could be as gracious or articulate as you were with him in this conversation, Peter!

It is truly amazing how some of the older generations dismissed their own Indian heritage. My ex-husband's grandmother, who was of Indian descent, even denied her own heritage and spoke of the native peoples of Canada in a derogatory manner, because when she was growing up, no one would ever admit they had Indian blood. My ex-father-in-law, when questioned about it only within the last five years, flatly denied the heritage too. It was like admitting you were the product of some evil criminal.

As it turns out, my ex-husband are descendants of the same Indian lineage which is ironic. How Paddy Daley can insinuate that many of the people applying for status are not truly Indian, is beyond me. There has to be documented relationships to the Indian person in the forms of birth certificates, marriage certificates, baptism certificates, and official copies of censuses submitted. It's not like one just fills out a one-page application to "claim" anything. It has to be proven.

I am one of the ones who has just recently discovered my true heritage. I am amazed it hasn't come out before now but am very interested in learning more about what makes me and my family tick. The financial benefits, if indeed there will be any, will be a bonus, and we should not be made to feel guilty about that.

Looking forward to lots more discussion about this topic.