Monday, February 18, 2013


"The practice of hypocrisy is not merely 
indispensable to government, but is 
capable of being sustained without 
much difficulty for as long as may 
be required."

~ Niccolo Machiavelli

For years, I have been pointing out that there is a significant hole in the public's access to government communications.

Each BlackBerry device is unique. The big convenience for politicos is that unlike email, PIN communication is not recorded or logged. It flies underneath the radar! 

 As I pointed out on June 17, 2009, the best way to avoid a paper trail is to eliminate the paper. 

The phone comes equipped with an eight-digit PIN. The PIN, which is the identification device for the phone, can be located under the phone's settings icon in the status section. Just like phone numbers, no two PINs are alike. 

The PIN can be used to send electronic messages to another BlackBerry device. The PIN ensures that the mail will be delivered to the correct address and is a convenient way to speed up the messaging process.

For a regime that does not like to produce a paper or electronic trail, it is the ultimate tool!

The province does not archive or back-up PIN messages. Thus they are undetectable. Users assume that PIN messages are secure and untraceable. Many business organizations have had to ensure employees deactivate these features to ensure they are regulatory compliant for audits. The provincial government has never dealt with the issue.

The Telegram's investigative story into provincial government's "black communication ops" blows the entire covert propaganda operation to stifle and discredit critics and concealed campaign to influence public opinion, out of the shadows.

The extent, depth and logistical coordination of the Government's use of public money, non-political staff, communication staff is alarming. 

Much of the operation is done via the backdoor - off the Grid.

Does the extent to which every word uttered, typed, spoken, or Twittered in the public domain is compiled and reported back to the Premier's office concern you?

Frankly, if people are engaging in  public debate via open line shows, articles in the papers, on Twitter, FaceBook or on Blogs - what is wrong with monitoring them? 

Surely, I know that every word typed or spoken is public. I

 have to be accountable for what I do or say. What is wrong with the government listening to public opinion?

The use of public resources to deceptively influence polls, public opinion & discredit outspoken critics crosses the line. 

The Telegram story illustrates that the current administration is interested in power and continuing to hold power. That many in the government are self-interested louts. 

It proves that people like myself are not schizophrenics. 

It offers the public a very necessary picture of how real politics in this province works. 

Does bad behavior make for good politics?

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Anonymous said...

The only evidence in the story is that Dunderheads like Paul Lane are doing this online ballot box stuffing, yet The Telegram, VOCM, and the rest of the "journalism is hard" crowd resorted to "both sides do it" journalism. If you want change, it's time to clean house in the local media!