Friday, February 15, 2013


Politics can be a blood sport!

The recent spat of negative stories regarding the possible abuse of the public purse by some of Prime Minister Harper’s most celebrated Senate appointments is ironic.

The nexus of the Conservative party was the disenchantment of Western Tories – core issues like Senate Reform, direct democracy, and ending patronage.

Prime Minister Harper has become adept at doling out the patronage. In fact, he has done little with the Red Chamber except to stuff it with Conservative toadies.

Here in Newfoundland we have seen the Conservatives use the Senate for political purposes. Fabian Manning was appointed after he was defeated in the 2008 election. The used the period of time from his appointment to his resignation just prior to the 2011 election to campaign for his old job back. As soon as he was defeated, the Prime Minister rewarded his loyal retriever with his old job in the Senate.

Now three of Harper’s pet attack dogs have come back to bite him. No three senators have been more dutiful in promoting the Conservative agenda and priming the financial pumps than Patrick Brazeau, Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy.

The Conservative Cerberus of the senate is cowering these days.

Duffy is hiding in kitchens, he would hideout in PEI but all the touristy spots are closed for the Winter. The arrogant, mouth former dean of the Ottawa Press gallery has gone silent.  

Brazeau has been told he can only enter the Senate Chamber once a year to qualify for his pay. Imagine, he now gets his pay for not working! He now becomes the Conservative poster boy for the treatment of women. Run with dogs you pick up a few fleas Mr. Harper.

Than there is the prissy Pamela Wallin. The former CTV talking head became an instant partisan upon her appointment to the Red Carpet. A random audit picked some discrepancies in her claim that Saskatchewan is her permanent address.

I wonder how many more bad apples are waiting in the wings of the Conservative Party. Keep those negative issues piling on top of each other, perhaps they will snowball into a populist movement to dump this crowd.

So much for those populist reform panaceas.

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