Thursday, February 21, 2013


One can not help but cheer for the impervious Brad Cabana.
The Hickman Harbor resident processes an impenetrably thick hide that is testament to his Newfoundland roots.

Hate him, love him, one thing is for certain – it is not easy to ignore him.
Brad captures more air-time and print in the run of a year than most cabinet ministers. 

The Premier has even questioned the media’s coverage of this zealous political reformer.

Like a little steam engine pulling a huge load, against all odds, Brad will not back down from the right fight, no matter how influential those stacked against him are.

He first came to prominence in this province when he had the audacity to upset the carefully orchestrated coronation to replace former premier Danny Williams. 

The black ops team was dispatched to belittle, embarrass, intimidate and character assassinate the retired military captain. He sought the PC Leadership, was denied the right to contest the job and exhausted every legal avenue he could. 

Many people felt he was an outsider, a trouble maker and a shit-disturber. I thought perhaps he might have been a little naive. 

In fact, he just happens to have a different perspective based on not living in the same polluted fish bowl that many of us have. 

So it is with a sense of anxiety that I watch reports that Brad is getting pummeled in a Newfoundland and Labrador court room as he single handedly challenges the Muskrat Fall’s development. 

I wish him success. I still think the government should have held a referendum before sanctioning the project.

The price of his convictions could be high. If he is unsuccessful he could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in legal costs for those he has forced into Supreme Court with him.

Passion always, but never passion without logic.

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