Friday, February 22, 2013


"I urge everyone who is concerned
about democracy, the environment
and social justice to take part in this
(leadership) selection process and
thereby register support for specific
 policies and visions for this country,"

Dr. David Suzuki

Could a call to arms from a 72-year-old Canadian superstar broadcaster/scientist derail the Trudeau express?

One of the concerns expressed by some Liberals when the party opened-up it’s leadership selection process was a take over bid by special interests.

Environmental crusader David Suzuki is calling on Canadians to defeat Stephen Harper's government by putting a Liberal Leader in place that will work with New Democrats and Greens.

He thinks the best way to ensure Harper is defeated and to be assured of that Canada's first-past-the-post electoral system will be reformed is to make Joyce Murray leader of the Liberal Party.

Suzuki has not only endorsed Murray, he is calling on progressives to take advantage of the open (and free) leadership process to elect Murray. 

The environmentalist is a household name across the country.  The Canadian Press is reporting that he has 238,000 Facebook followers, a huge pool of potential supporters for Murray to tap into.

Perhaps I will register after all!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Hill Times reports that while Trudeau is doing a huge number of events, Murray isn't. Murray's groups says she is focussing on connecting with organizations, who then will presumably convince their members, while Trudeau seems to be focusing on connecting with people themselves.

It'll be interesting to see whether connecting to organizations is the way to go. Murray's group points to Suzuki as an example of the success of their approach.