Thursday, February 14, 2013


People are shaking their heads in surprise that despite our have province’s financial windfalls, the provincial government is decrying a financial crisis.

Expectations and expenditures have not been managed well. 

I hate to pull the scab off an old wound, but there is nothing all that new in the finance minister's declaration of a potential $4 Billion in additional debt over the next two years.

It could be argued that the fiscal cliff government now faces is the result of their fiscal chickens coming home to roost. How sustainable were  government expenditures on salaries, patronage jobs and unnecessary expenditures?

It is all about choices. Were they so confident that natural resources would be dropped from the equalization program that there was no back-up plan for when Harper stuck it to us?

We needed to be able to catch-up and build and rebuild infrastructure, so that when we stood on our own feet our government could afford the services our seniors, students, sick, public employees and communities deserve.

The government has taken a do as we say, not as we do approach. The public service is bloated because of 13 week appointments that circumvented the Public Service Commission, political appointments have received inflated salaries, senior bureacrats are eligible for bonuses and the government caucus has been reduced to an echo chamber. 

If the Minister of finance is serious about saving money, he should examine middle management, ADM and DM equivalent position and cut the number of seats in the House of Assembly by 30%.

The government can find it’s savings without cutting frontline services and workers.

It is just hard to comprehend how the government squandered so much opportunity.

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