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Friday, February 22, 2013


--> Canada’s favorite Spring coffee promotion is back.

Aidan requested a muffin on the way to his voice lesson last evening. I ordered a chocolate chip muffin for him and a half hot chocolate/coffee for me. His eyes lite up when he saw the cup and exclaimed, “Dad the Roll Up The Rim is back!”

I am not a Tim Horton’s affectionado like many of my friends, and regrettably my family. If I hear one more person say do you want a Timmies? I may end up on a tax payer paid holiday lakeside at Her Majesties Spa down by the lake. 

That said, I like coffee, and the chance to win a new car or a free coffee appeals to me. 

This year Tim Hortons is giving away100 pre-paid MasterCards for $5,000 each, 40 Toyota Rav4s, 1,000 Napolean Grills, 25,000 Time Cards for $100 each, and 47 million food and drink prizes.

Of course I tossed my cup tonight before remembering to roll up the rim! There goes my Rav4!

So long Starbucks, I’ll be rrrrolling up the rim in the hopes of a big win for the next couple of months. 

How about you?

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