Wednesday, February 20, 2013


More hypocrisy on the part of the Premier or needed structural repairs?

A discussion about extensive renovations to the Premier’s suite of offices on Twitter has tongues waggling today.

The renovations are anticipated to take up to four years to complete. In the meantime, the Premier and her staff have been relocated to temporary digs. To accommodate the Premier’s staff, Department of Justice employees are being moved to a location on Elizabeth Avenue.

The cost of the renovations and the necessity is now being scrutinized by the opposition and the media. The timing of the structural renovations to the top floor floors of the East Block could become contentious as the province is preaching restraint and facing  $4 Billion dollars over two years of deficits.

Frankly, I am sure that the decision is out of the Premier’s hands. 

If there are issues of structural integrity they have to be addressed. If this was a frivolous remodeling of offices than let loose the hounds.

Some pundits will no doubt remember a similar issue in the early 90’s when some security related renovations were completed in the Premier’s office. One of the items was the replacement of the locks to the lobby and the inner offices. 
The key locks were replaced/enhanced  with a card system. The media and the opposition at the time made a major fuss out of the Premier’s $800 door knobs!

if it fits one's political agenda, sure the Premier is telling Newfoundlanders to eat cake while she spends lavishly on interior decorators and new furniture for her office.

Perception is reality, but a little honesty never hurts.


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