Sunday, February 10, 2013


For a significant part of my life, I spent most of my time with 14 people. I am referring to the small group of people that I went to school with in St. Bernard’s. 

The core of the group stayed the same from kindergarten to our graduation together from grade 12. Childhood friendships are friendships that last in our memories together. 

We went to mass before school, we played together, did our confirmation and first communions together. We skated, swam, played hockey, went sliding, played chasens and flick together.

After high school nearly all if us went our own ways. I do not think any of that group still lives in St. Bernard’s. From time to time I’ll bump into someone, read a Facebook update, we will meet up at a come home year or a Boxing Day Dance.

From grades three to seven, one of my best buddies was Terry Scott. I remember the Big Bay City Rollers and the David Cassidy posters on his bedroom wall, playing in the woods behind his house and watching the Duke of Hazzards.

We traveled to Alberta together on a 4-H exchange where we learned what a french kiss was from the same girl in Evansburg.  She was amused that we had no idea what it was,

I’ll never forget the big fight we had in grade six.  The high school and the elementary were separated by a set of stairs that descended down into the auditorium. The elementary kids used the big double green doors on their end.

For some reason,  which I do not remember , Terry and I got into a racket. We went over to Gerald Fewer’s field , just off school property and had it out with the entire school chanting us on. “Fight, Fight, Fight”. While we were rolling around on the ground we started laughing and that was the end of it.

Tonight I learned he died of a liver related ailment.

I have not seen him in a decade, but there is something about learning that a member of that tight little small town circle has passed on that just leaves me empty and reflective.

We are the same age, we both had three kids. 

There for the grace of God goes I. Life is precious and flies by way too damn fast!

Now, I have an urge to track everyone else down just to say hello!

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