Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I rarely buy lottery tickets!

I have never purchased a scratch ticket, not a one.

Sure, you can't win if you are not in, but seriously the odds of winning are so fantastic that purchasing tickets on a regular basis has no appeal.

Every now and than, very randomly - normally after a fill-up of gas, the urge might strike to spend $10 on some 649-tickets. The choices always confuse me.

I spend a few hours dreaming about the possibilities. Who would benefit from my win. What I would do, where I would go, who I would share with.

The commonality during these daydreaming sessions are: ensuring that a new church be build in St. Bernard's and an endowment for maintenance and a salary for a priest; a new house for mom and dad - something modern and efficient - with wide doors; Two trips for my brothers and our boys - one to Ireland and the other to Boston.

The rest is up in the air!

If the win was big enough I would spend the rest of my life learning and volunteering. Influencing public opinion and not fearing job security because I have an opinion. Rich enough to be completely independent.

Despite my reluctance to play on a regular basis, you hear of wins and begin to dream. There for the grace of God (and the fact I do not play on a regular basis) goes I.

Take for example the Arkansas couple that hit it big twice this past weekend. Steve and Terri Weaver played and won. Steve won $1 million in a scratch-card lottery and the next day Terri won another $50,000.
They played a total of $30!

Again, the lesson, you can not win - not a penny - if you do not buy tickets!

Which gets me to the Ultimate Dream Home Lottery.

The social committee at work bought me a ticket.

The draw is tomorrow!

Fingers crossed!

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