Wednesday, February 6, 2013


A confusing start to the day for parents of school aged children in St. John's this morning.

The Eastern District School Board sent an e-mail to principals and the media indicating that All schools in metro would close at noon in advance of a storm system. Some schools acted quickly to get the news out to parents before they were out the door for work. Virginia Park Elementary called at 7:30 to lets us know classes would finish at 11:30.

However, CBC Radio was stating that the report by other media that schools would close was wrong. Confusion reigned supreme. We had a call from our principle - Virginia Park Elementary was closed!

Turns out that the original e-mail was sent in error. A second e-mail send out after 8:30 stated that schools would remain open. To add to the confusion, Eastern's school update website was down - yet again!

For Eastern's sake, the storm better not hit!

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