Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Puffy Duffy is making a big splash today.

The journalist turned ferocious partisan Conservative Senator is under fire for claiming living expenses for living more than 100 kilometres outside the national capital region.

An audit in 2012 showed that Duffy and two other red carpenters allegedly claim the living expense but live primarily in the capital.

Senator Duffy, who was appointed to the Senate as a representative for Prince Edward Island is supposed to reside in that province. The Canadian Constitution states “Senators are  required to be "resident in the province for which appointed”

The last time I consulted a map of Canada, the Ottawa River was not in Prince Edward Island. 

The issue of Duffy’s residence and the $21,000 senators are paid to assist with the expenses associated with their “second” Ottawa residences has resurfaced. Apaprently the Prince Edward Island Senator has applied of a health card from his native province. 

Of course, to be eligible for a PEI health card one has to reside in that province. 

And get this…Apparently this request is not a renewal but a new request. Duffy was appointed to the Senate in January of 2009. Has he not had a sniffle, cough or medical need in three years? If so, what province’s medical care plan was he using? It certainly would not have been PEI where he is supposed to reside.

It looks like the old pit-bull has some explaining to do.

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