Monday, February 18, 2013


I really get uncomfortable in the waiting room in hospitals and doctors clinics.

They are usually hot, stuffy and full of sick people coughing and hacking away!

When you have to see the doctor, which I hate doing, the first, hurdle is that dreaded waiting room.

Conor has a nasty bug and swollen sinuses. He missed hockey over the weekend, his sinuses are have been swollen up and his nose has been running like  a mudslide.  We kept him out of school this morning and visited the family doctor.

A couple of hours at the doctors office was enough to make me paranoid.  Jammed pack, I waited for someone to be called into to see the doctor for a seat to free up. I looked around the room, it was full unwell people. I start to thinking about how many infectious diseases are lurking around me, my skin begins to crawl and I start breathing through the top my sweater.

It has been an aggressive flu season. There is a stomach bug and a cold bug making the rounds. Being that the waiting rooms are fairly small places, you’ll be potentially seated next to someone who has a bug of some sort.

There are many people like me, who do not have a bug, but are there with a child, spouse or elderly relative.  A cough or a sneeze might contain  small respiratory droplets that go out into the tiny waiting room atmosphere and can land on surfaces close by you.

I really thought about wearing a mask today as a preventative measure.

At work, we have to have a doctors note if you miss any time due to illness. Despite warnings and proclamations of  best practices from the Department of Health to stay away from work if you are sick with a communicable disease, the same government demands a sick note.  Your too sick to roll out of bed, or go to work but you have to venture down to emergency of your doctor to pick up a stupid note.

The responsible course of action is to keep your cold or stomach bug to yourself at home. Of course the reward for your courtesy and respect for others is a raft of paper work and a threat to take your annual leave if you can not provide a doctors note.

It is a catch 22 situation, do I go to the doctor and risk catching an infection if all I want is advice or a prescription? I know that a day or two of rest is going to have me up on my feet. A virus needs to run its course, but the pencil ushers in HR must have that letter.

Conor is going to be fine, I have script for some anti-biotics for his sinus issue. He should be back to school in the morning.

I hope the little venture into the germ infested waiting room does not reward me with some stupid illness.


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