Friday, February 8, 2013


I am a pretty big fan of William Shatner.

He is Canadian. He is a pop icon. He is cool. He is an actor.

Yesterday pop culture, the futuristic imagination of Gene Roddenberry and the Canadian Space Program converged. 

Captain James T. Kirk chatted with Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield who is on a five-month mission on-board the International Space Station. 

The pair had a philosophical conversation about how far humanity has come since the original since the inception in 1966 of Star Trek.

How much of our actual space program has been inspired by fiction writers? I would suggest that many people have been inspired by Star Trek to take up a career in science, technology and engineering. 

Is a Star Trek experience within our lifetime possible? 

Last fall the Advanced Propulsion Theme team at the NASA Engineering Directorate announced they are working to create a real life warp drive.
Transporters have not arrived but the science is being worked out. 

Earlier this year, Nature reported that photons had been teleported 89 miles. It was a hit tech photo copy but it shows potential for the future.

Look at the advancements in 3-D printing capabilities. Printers using campsites and resins can recreate 3-D objects. How long until they can replicate food and drink?

Look at all of the advances in bioneural and DNA based computing. The Scripps Research Institute has published details of a DNA-based biological computer
If you have anything to add to the list, post it in the comment section.

When I started this post tonight, I was thinking, give it up what does a pop culture, a fictional captain have to do with a current mission.

The answer, lots of inspiration in making futuristic dreams a reality.

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