Thursday, February 14, 2013


Waiting here in the line-up for the Bell Island Ferry as the sun begins to light up the cove sure is an inspiring experience. 

A cool wind, the contrast of the snow, the brightly colored houses huddled around the hills and the grey cold ocean. It is great to be alive!

I brought my camera along for the trip. I hope to get some decent pictures of the cove with the Sun rising in the background as the Flanders crosses the tickle.

I’ll be doing a couple of sessions with high school kids today with regards to career planning and the options available to them for financial assistance from the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Financial Assistance Program.

I have done dozens of these presentations in the past. This will most likely be my last. The bumping and ominous talk of cuts has forced my hand. It is time to move on back to the private sector and more job security,

I have been actively looking for opportunities in the private sector over the past couple of days.  Two resumes submitted and two interviews. Nothing in hand yet but it does feel good to know that one’s skills are marketable.

Wish me luck.

Here comes the ferry!

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