Thursday, February 7, 2013


A few years ago, I went on a bit of a public relation’s rampage regarding the issue of dog poop in Pippy Park. The result of my Poop offensive was a little more enforcement of the Dog Act and a couple of new Doggie Pooh bag dispensers and receptacles along the trails.

Chung Kim, 75 of Dallas Texas had a similar problem. His upstairs’ neighbor’s allegedly had a nasty habit of dumping their dog’s poop on his patio and front step from the balcony above.

On Monday, an argument over shit led to a tragic conclusion.

Michelle Jackson and Jamie Stafford were found murdered in their apartment. Kim was found nearby in his Lexus SUV.

Kim allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Jackson while she stood on her balcony, and then went into the couple's home and shot Stafford.

The couple left behind four young children.

No word on the dog.

It should make for an interesting eulogy

What a waste of life!

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