Thursday, February 21, 2013


Over the past few months there has been a number of discussions in the local blogosphere about the manipulation of on-line polls and the stacking of Open Line Shows. It is simply amazing, the extent to which some folks, who feel the need to influence the message, will go to sabotage, or at least skew, legitimate feedback.

In today's Telegram, Russell Wangersky weighs in on the problems he faces moderating the Telegram's on-line comments section amidst the multiple posts from political plants on government servers.

Blogger Geoff Meeker wrote a series of articles on the manipulation of VOCM online polls last winter. He proved that there was an organized group of people who mobilized on specific issues to skew the results of the questions.

I have never liked the idea of taking over the few avenues of public input that remain available. It makes a mockery of participatory democracy. However, as all sides are equally guilty (if not equally efficient) it is a practice that will continue until a solution is found.

(Originally posted August 08, 2008)

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