Friday, January 4, 2013


Hell had not fury like a women scorned by a lover.

Secret fishing spots – some call them honey holes – are jealously guarded.

Angela Potter was given the flick by her fisherman boyfriend.

After he skipped town, Angela discovered his GPS in her garage. The GPS contained the locations of all of her ex-boyfriend’s honey holes.  When he refused to return some of her stuff she auctioned off the secret fishing spots on Trade Me!

She cast a wide net and is now dating another fisherman.


Drowningmandrake said...

Hi Peter, I couldn't help but notice a whiff of irony between the title of your post,"WOMEN AUCTIONS OFF HONEY HOLES" and your previous post, THE INFERIOR SEX: INDIA'S SHAMEFUL TREATMENT OF WOMEN. HONEY HOLES do not only refer to a (man's?) secret place to literally catch fish, but is also slang for a woman's genitalia. If opening up this can of worms causes any discomfort, you can blame my less than spotless mind and maybe the gap between these two posts.

Peter L. Whittle said...

I never heard it used as slang for woman's genitalia but I can see the link. Too best of my knowledge fisherman use it to describe a good fishing spot, geese/duck hunters have used it to describe a great blind & I have heard it used a lot on storage wars when describing valuable storage lockers.

I am assuming that women hunt, fish and participate in bidding for vacated storage sheds.

As well, I have heard the term extended to the spot on drug addicts arms where needles are used.

Sorry if it caused anyone any discomfort. It was not my intent.

That said, I really do not get too caught up in political correctness.