Thursday, January 3, 2013


I cannot think of an acceptable excuse for driving impaired, or without insurance.

With education, public relation campaigns and public awareness only a complete idiot would get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. 

Personally, I have a one beer, or drink,  rule. No matter how confident I might feel, I will not drive. 

The headlines over the holidays were full of stories about impaired drivers, people driving with suspended licenses or no insurance. Frigging idiots!

 Sorry, but that is just calling it as I see it. It is Inept, reckless and stupid behavior. I just cannot excuse it.

Enormous gains have been made against drunk driving over the past twenty years. However, drunk driving is not under control. 

Despite public awareness, many people in our society still think it is okay to drink and drive. For some, it is purely the fear of getting caught that prevents them from driving. 

Others seem to think a short drive is fine, as if that some how legitimizes the risk.
I know, regardless of the law or the strictness of the punishment meted out there will *always* be stupid people. 

I would like to see stricter punishments. Seize the vehicles, take their licenses away for longer periods of time, harsher minimum jail times and publish their pictures in the newspapers in a special section devoted to complete idiots.

I heard a defense attorney on CBC Radio yesterday evening defending the decision to give convicted drunk driver Jeremy Shannon Reid early day parole on the basis that he was young and could be rehabilitated.

Just two years ago the Reid killed on man and nearly killed another.  How has the justice system been so perverted that the potential of rehabilitating idiots is more important than making them pay for their crimes? 

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