Friday, January 4, 2013


Winter storms in December and early January have delayed the transportation of goods and services to the Rock.

For those of us that have increasingly bought into e-shopping, Mother Nature trumped Santa this Christmas. Tons of goods were tied up on the other side of the gulf.

The windy weather has led to long delays in the delivery of mail.  Canada Post has not been able to get parcels to Canada’s most Easterly Province. Marine Atlantic’s ferries have been tied up for days at a time creating backlogs.

I am certainly not the only person to meet with disappointment this year because an order, parcel or gift did not arrive in time. My Christmas book stack was a little smaller than usual due to the delays.

The twelve days of Christmas has had new meaning for me this year. Canada Post’s elves have been working overtime, making deliveries to help with the backlog.

No maids-a-milking or geese-a-laying, but my book stack keeps growing. Tonight’s additions: Pure by Andrew Miller;  Hilary Mantal’s Man Booker Prize winning Bring Up the Bodies; The Dog Stars by Peter Heller; and GODS OF GOTHAM by Lyndsay Faye.

I am buried in political reporter, Sasha Issenberg’s Victory Lab. I’ll delve into some more fiction next.

A nice fire, a glass of red wine or a tumbler of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, and a good book – what more could you ask for?

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Nancy Crozier said...

All of the above plus a nanny - that's what I could ask for.