Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Brian Mulroney did not oust Joe Clark and deliver two consecutive majorities for the Progressive Conservatives without a lot of political savvy. Folks like him possess a fine tuned political radar, a political intuitiveness, that is often more accurate than any market research.

Last fall, the elder statesman told the Globe & Mail that Justin Trudeau had the right stuff to propel the Liberal Party forward, “And I’ll tell you: People who underestimate him, they do so at their own peril.”

It looks as if Mulroney’s prediction is coming true. Corporate Research Associates latest polling numbers show the Grits gaining momentum in Atlantic Canada. The party jumped from third place to first. The credit for the leap is going to federal Liberal Leadership candidate Justin Trudeau.

Last Fall, I did a fair amount of polling for a former employer.  One of the questions that was regularly asked was who which of the federal party leaders would you prefer as Prime Minister. I was surprised at the frequency in which people would request that Justin Trudeau be written in, despite not being on the list.

 According to the a CBC Web Story it is the first time since 2010 that the Liberals have been on top in Atlantic Canada.The biggest jump in Liberal support was in Newfoundland and Labrador which could signal another battle in St. John's - South - Mount Pearl where rookie MP Ryan Cleary  defeated Liberal incumbant Siobhan Coady in the last federal election.

A sign of change, Do you think that Trudeau can restore the once-dominant Liberal Party to their former glory?


Wm. Murphy said...

"restore the once-dominant Liberal Party to their former glory"

Former glory???? How bout providing a definition of "glory"
Happy 2013 by the way!

Peter L. Whittle said...


Happy 2013 to you as well!

That was not a boast, so much as a reflection of the Liberal Party of Canada's electoral success up to when Paul Martin took the helm.

The Liberals had a lock on power for much of the last 100 years. As the pragmatic party of the center,they were often refereed to as the natural governing party.

Can the Liberals ever be truly great again? The Liberals probably, will never be able to be what they were ever again as the NDP have come to occupy the center left.

Time will tell.