Tuesday, January 15, 2013


What a frigging day this has been!

After trying diligently to avoid the various gastro, cod and flu bugs  making the rounds, something got hold of me on Sunday night.  Yesterday morning I woke with a sore throat, blocked-up ears and one mother of a headache.  Welcome to the club!

Frankly, with my family attending or working at four different schools, my exposure to dozens of sick kids at Memorial last week and the proliferation of  bugs...it was just a matter of time.

I went to work for a little while yesterday but had to high tail it back home where I slept through the day and night.  I was feeling a little better this morning. The plan was to go back to work after lunch today.

Kristine found a surprise in the basement; our hot water furnace was leaking water. We called Irving, they rushed over to do a repair while I cleaned-up the water.

A few minutes ago, I realized the repair did not fix the problem. While throwing on a load of laundry, that wet sock feeling took hold.  Sure enough – more water from the furnace!

Irving is on-route – my headache is back and the Advil has worn off!

That said, if I had not gotten this cold, I would have gone to work and come back to a flooded basement.

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