Monday, January 7, 2013


Our regular Sunday evening routine was disrupted by Jake Doyle.

We caved to our boys request for an extended bed time.  They wanted to watch the premiere of The Republic of Doyle.  Record the show and watch it after school, I suggested.  The suggestion did not take flight. It seems that being informed about what actually happened on last night’s episode of Doyle is important.
On the heels of Doyle came the really big news, a resolution to the NHL strike. Suddenly there was another reason to stay up just a few minutes later. “Just a few more minutes dad, this is really important” they echoed as Wendy Mesley interviewed Ron MacLean on CBC Television’s, The National.
At 10:45, on a school night, the lads were all securely tucked under their blankets, visions of Hockey Night in Canada and Jake Doyle dancing through their heads.
Liam was the most excited by the news. His All Star Team is playing in a tournament this spring in Montreal.  The end of the strike means the door has opened to watching an NHL game during his visit. I’ll have to start pestering my contacts to shake some tickets loose.
True to their words, the boys are up and getting ready for school this morning.
 I am expecting an early night tonight.

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